The Ten Sex Positions Men Enjoy Most-Standing At Attention

Good Position For Men To Fulfill Their Cravings For Standing Sex

Welcome to the fifth installation of “The Ten Sex Positions Men Enjoy Most”. The countdown is halfway done-have you learned anything new yet? This list was compiled using a super secret blend of interviews, research* and real world experience. Each installment of this series will take a look at the mechanics of the position, include some interesting facts, why men enjoy it and how you can make the enjoyable more enjoyable. When possible, I have mixed in quotes from my interview subjects.

The Mechanics. Woman lays back on bed, genitals exposed at the edge, man stands at the foot of the bed and penetrates her.

Interesting Facts. This is a good position for men to fulfill their cravings for standing sex without the danger throwing out their back or dropping their partner. One reader from kettering responded, “I feel like a porn star when my wife and I have sex in this position. I get an eye popping view of her body and get to maintain control of the situation”.

What Makes This Position Enjoyable. Men enjoy this sex position for the view of the woman’s naked body and the amount of control they have over penetration. If the woman masturbates while in this position, it greatly satisfies the voyeuristic tendencies found in most men.

How to make standing at attention more enjoyable.

  • If the man is tall in stature, a few pillows propped under his lady’s rump can raise her to his height and make penetration easier.
  • For a deeper penetration, bend her legs up towards her chest a little bit.
  • For a snugger fit and more friction, keep her legs close together.

Research methods include: email conducted interviews, reading men’s magazines and websites, personal experience and medical journals.


7 ways to SEXperiment

No longer is sex taboo nor does it carry all the societal stigma that it once use to. From television shows to movies, radio and video, people are increasingly becoming more in tune with their sexuality and opening up about their sexual desires. Bored with “traditional” sex scripts and roles, people are deciding to step outside the boundaries of “regular” sex and opting for something a little more exciting and even risqué. Tapping into your sexuality and exploring your sexual desires can be a very pleasurable and invigorating experience. So if you’re ready to turn it up a notch and unleash the sexual beast within, here are 7 ways to sexperiment to help keep your sex life fresh and interesting!

  1. Sexual Preferences. Whether you consider yourself to be bisexual, heteroflexible, heterocurious, questioning, just plain ole curious or none of the above, there is fluidity in sexuality. According to Alfred Kinsey, the famous sex researcher, very few of us lie at polar opposites on the sexual continuum from heterosexual to homosexual but rather somewhere in between. Kinsey also goes on to suggest that based on a variety of activities, individuals may move back and forth on the continuum. So based on that theory, there is a natural inclination to “experiment” with ones sexual preferences. Should you decide to experiment with your sexual preferences, make sure you are always honest with yourself and any potential partners.
  2. Positions. In and out, up and down can get pretty boring after a while. Let’s face it the same old missionary position can become monotonous so many people desire to liven things up by “experimenting” with positions. Kama Sutra is one of the most famous manuals that depicts a variety of usual and even unusual sexual positions with interesting names such as “The Glowing Universe.” Talking about seeing stars! Although many of the positions require Olympic standard flexibility, the fun of it all is just trying new positions!
  3. Ménage a trios. Proceed with extreme caution! The thought of inviting a third person into your sex play might sound like a great ideal but there are some things to consider before “experimenting” with a ménage. It’s definitely not for the faint at heart! Honesty, trust, communication and caution are just a few things that will help keep this dream from turning into a nightmare. Including a third person between the sheets must be something that all parties willingly negotiate, agree to and are involved in throughout the entire process. If one person in the trio becomes uncomfortable, then do not continue until all parties involved are comfortable and in agreement. No one should be coerced or tricked into participating in a “threesome.” It is important to keep in mind that having a ménage a trois will not solidify or repair a troubled relationship. In most cases, it will have the exact opposite effect and ultimately cause more harm to your relationship. Also, if either you or your partners are prone to jealousy, then a ménage is NOT for you.
  4. Role play. A role play can be a fun and flirty way to add some excitement to your sexual script! Create the fantasy and act it out! You are only limited by your imagination. “Experiment” with a variety of costumes, scenarios and locations. A naughty school girl can make the boring house wife or busy career woman seem like a brand new woman to her Beloved. FYI, men you can get in to character too! The handy man always fixes a thing or two and the pizza delivery guy knows exactly what to deliver!
  5. Sex Toys. Who says toys are just for kids?! Well put your money where your mouth is because there is a billion dollar industry, devoted to creating toys just for adults, that says so! From vibrators to dildos, anal beads to sex swings and machines, “experimenting” with sex toys can be just what the doctor ordered to help spice up your sex life. With so many adult novelties on the market, one could literally create the playground of their dreams! If you want to get really creative, you can actually make your own sex toys by using common items found around your house. That old hairbrush in your bathroom drawer can now become a whip to tame your lover.
  6. Kink. 50 Shades of Grey introduced “kinky sex” to the masses and now it has become mainstream, making it the “in thing.” Flocks of people are rushing out to their local adult novelty store to pick up a grey tie, a pair of hair cuffs and a crop in an effort to imitate the infamous Christian Grey. But before you go all in on the great BDSM “experiment,” it is very important that you understand the rules of “play” and have a safe word and/or signal just in case things become too intense. Remember the golden rule when it comes to kink is to keep it safe, sane and consensual. Never engage in any BDSM activities with someone that you have not established a trusting relationship with.
  7. Sensory deprivation. Blindfold, tie me up and gag me! Take away one of the senses and the others will heighten. Falling under the umbrella of kink, sensory deprivation is a way to increase sexual arousal and intensify the orgasmic experience by depriving one or more of the senses. Warning! You must be very careful when “experimenting” with sensory deprivation because you could really hurt yourself or someone else, especially in the case of erotic asphyxiation. Sensory deprivation is not for everyone so before you begin restraining or pouring hot candle wax on your Beloved, you should definitely have a conversation with him or her. The use of a safe word or signal is important in any sensory deprivation play.

While exciting as it may be, sexperimenting does not come without some varying degree of risk. There are still some things to consider when deciding to experiment with sex. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Practice safer sex, especially with multiple partners or non committed relationships. This helps to reduce the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy.
  • Consider the emotional, physical, social, spiritual, legal and economical consequences of sex. Although one can never be thoroughly prepared at least take into consideration what can happen.
  • Bruises and marks. Sexperimenting, particularly with kink, can sometimes leave bruises and marks on the body. Trust me, you do not want to have to wear a long sleeve shirt in the middle of summer or risk explaining to your coworkers why you have handcuff marks on your wrist!

Sexperimenting can be extremely fun but just how far you decide to take it is really up to you (and your partner). You can choose to jump right in or just simply ease your way into the “sex lab.” Whatever you decide, it is important to always be open and honest with yourself and others as this will help to minimize risk of injury and hurt to all involved. If all things have been considered, discussed and agreed upon then you are all ready to go!

Happy sexperimenting!


The Five Sex Positions Women Enjoy Most

“The Five Sex Positions Women Enjoy Most”. Using my completely, totally unscientific research methods*, I have compiled a list of the Five sex positions women enjoy most. Each will explain the mechanics of the position, interesting facts, what makes this position enjoyable and tips for making it more enjoyable for both of you. Whenever possible, quotes from my research subjects will be sprinkled throughout. Be sure to read the companion series, “The Five sex positions men enjoy most”.

1 – 69 Position

The mechanics. In the 69 position one partner lays on their back while the other straddles in the opposite direction, placing face to genitals in both cases. This position can also achieved with both partners on their sides. While penile penetration cannot be achieved from this position, both partners can enjoy in a variety of oral and manual stimulation. One reader from Franklin stated, “I love 69 because it is the ultimate equalizer-whatever I can do to him, he can do to me”.

Interesting facts. Participants of 69 resemble the numbers 6 and 9, hence the name “69”. They also resemble the Yin and Yang symblos. The French term for this position is “soixante-neuf”.

What makes this position enjoyable. The act of giving and receiving at the same time is a major selling point of this position. Traditionally, the woman is on top for this position. A lot of women find it very gratifying having her genitals completely exposed to her partner. “Nothing is hotter than knowing he has my p*ssy spread open and exploring it with his tongue, lips and fingers” said another reader.

How to make 69 more enjoyable. Discuss ahead of time where ejaculate is to go. There is no bigger turn off to a woman than an unexpected-and unwelcomed-surprise. To avoid kinked necks, you may want to a couple of pillows handy in case either of you needs a little added support. You can also roll onto your sides and use each others’s thighs as support.

*Research methods include: email conducted interviews, reading men’s magazines and websites, personal experience and medical journals.


2 – Kama Sutra, 69

The mechanics. In the Kama Sutra, 69 position one partner lays on their back while the other straddles in the opposite direction, placing face to genitals in both cases. This position can also achieved with both partners on their sides. While penile penetration cannot be achieved from this position, both partners can enjoy in a variety of oral and manual stimulation.

Interesting facts. In the Kama Sutra, 69 is called “Congress of the Crow”. Pornographic movies would have you believe that 69 is taking place in every bedroom in America, however, that is not the case. A reader from Yellow Springs told me, “As much as I enjoy giving and receiving during 69, it is just too darn distracting! I am worried that in the heat of the moment I may lose control and accidentally bite her.”

What makes this position enjoyable. The act of giving and receiving at the same time is a major selling point of this position. Traditionally, the woman is on top for this position as she is usually the lighter partner. A reader from Centerville told me this position scores high because it is “Literally up front and in your face. There is nothing hotter than having her package right in your face where you can see, touch, taste and smell every inch of her”.

How to make 69 more enjoyable. Discuss ahead of time where ejaculate is to go. There is no bigger turn off to a woman that a mouthful of your cum sprayed down the back of her throat when she had other plans for it. The same can be said for “facials”. If you are worried about losing control and possibly hurting your partner, begin with gentle mutual stimulation but as things heat up, take turns giving and receiving pleasure. At the very least, remove your mouth from any tender parts when approaching an orgasm.

3 – Belly Down

The mechanics. The belly down position has the woman lying on her stomach with her partner penetrating her from behind. She raises her hips slightly. This position is essentially doggy style flattened out.

Interesting facts. If you are interested in attempting a g-spot orgasm, this position is the ideal one to try. The head of the penis will directly stimulate the woman’s g-spot“I never thought I could get off just from intercourse until I tried this. Now it sets me off every time!” exclaimed one interviewee.

What makes this position enjoyable. This position will create a very snug fit, giving both partners more intense pleasure.

How to make the belly down position more enjoyable. Most men don’t realize just how sensitive a woman’s back can be. Be sure to pay extra special attention to the bare skin stretched out before you. “There is something about being so thoroughly dominated that sets my skin on fire” explained another reader.


4 – Missionary Position

The mechanics. The missionary position is a man superior position where the woman lies on her back with her legs spread. Her partner climbs between her legs and penetrates her vagina. Partners face each other while engaging in the missionary position.  Many view this position as the “traditional” position for sex. The more sexually adventurous often view the missionary position as “vanilla” or boring.

Interesting facts. It was once believed that humans were the only animals to have sexual intercourse in this position, but studies have also shown that bonobos and gorillas also engage in face to face (MSNBC). Religious figures viewed the missionary position as civilized and other position “bestial”, since those were the positions animals copulated in. Some believed it was the only position that could be used to conceive a child while others thought that “unnatural” positions would create birth defects. If you are trying to conceive, some believe missionary position may be a better position to participate in as the man can penetrate deeply and ejaculate right at the mouth of the cervix (Getting Pregnant Tips).

What makes this position enjoyable. What may seem like a plain position can easily be manipulated into a wide variety of new ones. Props, such as pillows, can add to the variety. As one reader from Miamisburg  put it “I like this position because my partner can move her legs into different positions and change how the position feels”. This is also a popular position for men who like to control their lovemaking sessions. “I like missionary because I can control the speed and the rhythm ” chimed in reader from Mason. A third reason why missionary position is popular is the access it allows a man to his partner’s most intimate places. A man can view or touch a woman’s clitoris and breasts.  A third reader from Centerville stated “I like missionary because I can see all of her yummy parts”.  The missionary position also allows for an amazing amount of skin to skin contact which is a huge turn on for most men.

How to make Missionary more enjoyable.

  •  Slip a pillow under her hips, this will change the angle of penetration and how intercourse feel for both of you. You can also raise her legs, spread them apart or pull them together tightly, have her wrap them around you-each position affords a different series of sensations.
  •  Since missionary allows for so much skin to skin contact, add a little massage oil to your foreplay and enjoy a slippery session like you’re never experienced before.
  •  Engage in clitoral stimulation. Don’t just grab for her hot button, ease into it. The clitoris is a highly sensitive bundle of nerves and direct contact with no warm up is extremely jarring to most women.


5 – Lotus

The mechanics. In the lotus position, the man sits cross legged while his partner straddles him. She wraps her legs around his body. Both partners are intertwined and gently rock back and forth.

Intersting facts. This sexual position is derived from the yoga pose of the same name.

What makes this position enjoyable. This position is a pleaser for the closeness it brings.It allows for easy kissing, fondling of the breasts and clitoris. “Wow! Can two people get any closer than this position?” asked/exclaimed one respondent from Springboro.

How to make the lotus position more enjoyable. This position requires some flexibility from both partners, so it is highly recommended you both stretch before trying the lotus position. If possible, take a beginner’s yoga class together. Be sure to take full advantage of the closeness the lotus position brings to sex. Touch, fondle and kiss to your heart’s delight!