Wholeness Through Tantra With Psalm Isadora

Tantra and Tantric Sexual Practices and Rituals With A Partner

Going back now through the centuries, sex has ruled…allot. Lands have been divided over it, towns were conquered for it, lovers have ran off, lovers ran back, people have been burned and shackled, and beheaded…some would say love, but then let’s face the fact that not all of the acts were birthed of such a delicate nature. Many of these events have come from a very primal aspect within us, our primal sexual urges.

“Sexual energy is very mysterious – Birth, sex, and death – their all inevitable… and yet these are some of our biggest taboos…we don’t want to talk about dying, and we don’t want to talk about sex.” Psalm Isadora

Psalm Isadora, is Tantra teacher who I have had the pleasure to come into connection with and to interview her about her work, to share in this article, on this topic. This often avoided topic, and yet let’s face at current, earth space is struggling with sexual violence, adultery, and sexual repression, and it’s wreaking havoc in our world.

Psalm Isadora grew up on a Christian hippy commune in Southern California; she grew up in a very minimal lifestyle in a cabin with no electricity, or running water, a space lit by kerosene lamps. An extremely religious Psalm was dressed like Laura Engle’s from Little House and life seemed quite idealistic to her at the time.

The family moved off the commune when psalm was around the age of 10, secrets came to air, her reality was shattered, her faith was tested, and the time felt very heavy on Psalms shoulders.

She was forced with a quest…to figure out how it was all true, the sacred & the profane, and how the act of the god/goddess was behind all of it all.

Having ecstatic spiritual experiences and connections at a young age, she linked the sensation of pleasure with the sensation of experiencing spirituality.

In a quest to expand more and find herself Psalm has traveled extensively, to India and Istanbul, taking and studying under a Guru, linking herself to the Goddess that has been so often removed from Western Religion, and dropping a whole ton of dogma. Psalm realized that the first energy you need to understand is your sexuality – how can you have a complete system if you by pass the starting point of it all? I mean think about the region of our body where all life births forth….the first chakra, the male and female genital.

So how do you NOT address that energy or work with it and yet BE a human being? You really can’t. At present on earth the topic of sex is still very taboo, and people are very much so right brain left brain with little to no balance… what does that mean I asked? …eager to know more.

Psalm explained that the right brain is the Feminine side of the brain and the left brain is the Masculine side. “Tantra is a path of weaving your right brain and left brain. Right brain is feminine which is ecstasy, and universal oneness. Left brain is masculine which is like law and order, and survival. We have both of those qualities, and we have to learn to weave them” states Psalm in our interview.

So one part of our being just desires to be touched and feel good, with no worry, expanding ourselves to consciousness, that’s the Right Brain, feminine. Then the Left brain brings in the pieces of survival, how will this work for a long term relationship, etc., the Masculine. So can you see how we are oversexed, or undersexed, super released, crazy suppressing, and if we are not we are often acting out in some other really primal ways, our desires, but there has been very little high vibrational, purely spiritual sex happening here, or balance.

Women not standing in their sexual power, US not discussing sexual violence, or sexual topics, us attempting to heal our body “from the belly button up” as Psalm explained, all of these things are adding to this energy being misunderstood and abused now on earth.

But, there’s good news! Get excited, because we can heal all of this through Tantra. Which I am told is like an elevator straight to spirit, an express route to healing all aspects of self, and realigning yourself with the creative ebb and flow, our oneness with spirit. God, Jah, Jesus, by whatever path or name you want to call it, it’s all bliss.

“By activating pleasure, you can begin to rewire your nervous system. Tantra is an awakening through sensation. Cutting the mind off, and going through the body to rewire the nervous system. You can rewire trauma that way.” says Psalm

When you have trauma your left brain takes over and goes into the fear consciousness to survive, its life or death. So sensations we are having are not being felt. Our body is simply having an experience and our Left Brain is saying ok, this is “bad” or this is “good” instead of actually having that experience.

No matter how much you cry about it, talk about it, or write about it, etc. you can’t actually heal that blockage, or open that pathway unless you experience it, in this case sexually, since as we have learned ALL life starts from that core primal place. If you really want to become whole you have to integrate pieces of your sexuality through experiencing them.

Tantra is creating more energy, a larger power surge so your left brain can no longer control it, so that it gives into the truth that life is good and beautiful, and steps outside of the story and into the experience.

Across the lands we are hearing Love messages spread and shouted. We are hearing that this is a time of the Goddess, a time for the feminine energy to rise, etc. Well, the feminine energy IS pleasure, so we won’t get there by traveling a path of mind and thought, it’s only going to happen from a space of feeling, and experiencing, recreating and empowering yourself through touch, breathe, and connection, perhaps through Tantra.

Psalm Gathers together large groups of people for Women’s Tantra Circles, as well as Integrated Circles for Women and Men, has created a Non-Profit to empower women, and is currently writing and publishing her first two books, one about her life’s path, which she hopes will enrich the world through tales of her experience, and their own interrelation. Through not just the sweetest moments in life, but for also the bitter, and to finding out that the sacred & the profane are ONE, are source, and nothing was ever not perfect. As well as a book that is more practical in terms of Tantra techniques, and applications.

The time is now to heal friends! Get involved, link up with Psalm, attend a circle, maybe even join her in India…. be empowered. I can already tell you that through my own integration of this practice, that I am feeling more than ever before, opening up, speaking my truth, diving deeper, and really becoming empowered.


Lingam Massage: Facts And Benefits

Lingam Massage

Many may ask what is a gender massage. Gender massage is designed specifically for men and is part of the Tantric art. Tantra refers to linga as lingam, which means “stick of light” in Sanskrit. Gender Massage Sample of vulva massage: Both focus on the pelvic area.

The Recipient is in a relaxed position on his back. Sexual arousal is mostly caused by massage, but some part is relaxation. A variety of massage oils can be used; It is the choice of the recipient. Personally this tester prefers coconut oil. The oil remains solid until it touches the skin. It is slightly fragrant, natural and tasty.

A Series of gentle strokes to apply the oil initiates the session. You can get a massage from a partner or even find a professional who specializes in gender massage. Tantric massage is great information for temple massages.

Start by applying massage oil to your hands; Warm up a bit before starting at the inner thighs. Next apply firm but go to the testicle under gentle pressure. Pay attention to your partner queues to apply less or more pressure. After the massage the testicles go to the perineum. Find this small mark and use the downward stroke to stimulate the area.

Finally, as soon as you start massaging the massage oil with the massage oil and use the firm slow stroke to work on the head of the penis. Gently knead the dough from the base and stir up. Massage into the scalp using your fingers and apply gentle pressure gently. The purpose of repeated massage is not ejaculation. One or more orgasms without ejaculation occur in men using this method.

Benefits of Gender Massage

  • One of the primary benefits of massage is to gain better control over your sexual energy and your sex drive. If a therapist is helping you massage they will “stand up” or stay away when the recipient is near orgasm. The recipient will be able to prolong ejaculation after several sessions.
  • Solve sex related problems like premature ejaculation
  • Improves blood circulation for better erectile dysfunction.
  • Good control over internal energy.
  • Fight stress and depression.

Book Review: The Pill Problem by Ross Shelton

The Pill Problem Side Effect Is Abuse For Birth Defects

I was recently given the opportunity to receive a copy of Ross Pelton’s book, The Pill Problem, to read and review. As a former user of birth control pills, I was curious to read what he had to say on the subject. All pharmaceuticals go through rigorous testing and tight controls, and the pill is no exception. Sometimes it is only after years of use do side effects come to light. This driving force behind this book was to share these side effects and how they can be corrected. I was surprised by some of the side effects Mr. Pelton discusses, while some were of no shock to me.I used various oral contraceptives for 20 years and experienced many of them firsthand, including one that he does not address in his book.

The Pill Problem is a well written book that is easy to read and understand as it addresses the many side effects of oral contraceptives. Some of these problems, such as migraines and blood clots, are fairly well known. Others, such as depression and birth defects, are not as well publicized. While most of the side effects of the pill are well known, we are rarely told what the actual cause of the problem may be. We are also never told what we can do, as women, to combat these problems. Mr. Pelton delves into the causes of these side effects and provides us with the knowledge needed to take control of our health. Surprisingly, the root cause of many of the side effects of taking the pill is simply nutrient depletion. For example, blood clots are a well known side effect of pill usage but how many of us know why? Those of you “in the know” realize it is magnesium depletion, but most of us don’t know the root cause of the problem. Mr. Pelton’s advice for combating them is to increase magnesium intake, especially if you are already taking calcium supplements. Numerous other side effects are discussed throughout the book, including:

  • Fatigue/low energy/anemia
  • Blood clots
  • Birth defects
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attacks
  • Cancer, specifically breast, uterine and colon cancers
  • Osteoporosis
  • Weakened immune system
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorders
  • Yeast infections
  • Migraines
  • Fluid retention/weight gain
  • Sexual issues
  • Free radical damage/accelerated aging

While the list of side effects is extensive, it is important to realize that not all women will suffer from all effects and the severity will vary from person to person. Mt. Pelton advises that all women taking birth control pills eat a diet rich in whole grains, non-processed carbohydrates and healthy protein (pasture raised beef, cage free chicken), take a high potency nutritional supplement and add additional supplements as needed. Active folic acid, B6, B12, C, magnesium, selenium, zinc, coenzyme Q10 are especially important.

I found this book to be a very eye opening read and highly recommend it to every woman who is taking the pill, whether she is suffering from any noticeable side effects or not. The information provided by Mr. Pelton is easy to understand and can help put us in control of our lives again instead of silently suffering. I only have two complaints regarding this book: the author does not approach the side effect of cyclical vomiting syndrome (a relatively rare condition and one that has many causes) and he does not offer healthier birth control options for women who decide to discontinue use of the pill after reading his book.

About the Author

Ross Pelton has 30 years of experience in the fields of health and nutrition. He is a pharmacist, clinical nutritionist, health educator and author. He has written ten books and is believed to be the leading authority on drug induced nutrient depletion and its side effects.


Oscars Swag Bag: Women Reclaim Sexual Confidence With The O-Shot

The woes of female sexuality are no longer a subject so taboo that is it must be relinquished to very private conversations behind closed doors or never uttered at all. Along with higher salaries and a seat at the head of the boardroom, women are reclaiming their sexual confidence and commanding the pleasure they so deserve in the bedroom. However, embracing sexual health doesn’t come so easy for many women – childbirth, monthly hormonal fluctuations and symptoms of menopause are additional obstacles that, like mental or emotional anguish, can singe sexual function and impair the orgasm system.

While male sexual dysfunction occurs with aging as well, solutions to impairment have quickly made their way into the medical mainstream: Viagra, Cialis, Trimix, penile pumps and, most recently, testosterone therapy. But, what about the women?

Hormonal fluctuations can affect a woman at any age or stage in life, causing pain during sex, vaginal dryness and low libido. And, only a very small percentage of women – approximately 20 percent – even experience vaginal orgasms, leaving many women less satisfied with sex than their partners. Stats show that 43 percent of women in the U.S. suffer from sexual dysfunction, but researchers estimate this number is much higher – in the range of 60 percent – due to the number of cases that go unreported. Treatments have been experimental at best in recent years, and many have failed to address the needs of a majority of women. Until now.

The O-Shot is the revolutionary new solution to sexual dysfunction in women – and it’s not hard to guess what the “O” stands for.

Harper’s Bazzar calls it the “new treatment for the bedroom blues,” while on Good Morning America, one patient said of the treatment, “all I can say is, wow!”

The O-Shot is the brainchild of Vampire Facelift creator, Dr. Charles Runels, and uses the same technology – platelet rich plasma (PRP) – to rejuvenate the female orgasm system. The O-Shot has been shown to improve orgasm, treat vaginal dryness and improve sexual desire. Whether your sexual wellbeing is suffering a little or a lot, you can heal damaged tissue or embrace a whole new sexual experience that you never imagined possible.

The O-Shot is an organic, proprietary blend of ingredients, including PRP, sourced from your own blood. The entire procedure takes no more than 20 minutes in the doctor’s office, requires no down time and produces results within days.

The O-Shot will likely become the “it” procedure this year, not only because of its effectiveness, but because it is rumored to be the coveted gift in the Oscar Swag bags in 2014. Along with sweeping Academy Award nominations, top celebrities will also be experiencing fireworks in the bedroom.

In South Florida, you don’t have to travel far to embrace your sexual prowess. You can find the O-Shot in Fort Lauderdale at Doctors Studio, a sexual wellness practice, owned and operated by Dr. Lisbeth Roy, certified physician and top educator of PRP technology and treatments. Doctors Studio not only offers the O-Shot, but the Priapus Shot, as well – the male version of the effective treatment. Now, men and women, alike, can experience a radiant, new sex life at any age and any stage in life.


What Basic Causes leads to Erectile Dysfunction In Men?

When men are affected by erectile dysfunction, it can cause a significant amount of disruption for their daily lives. These issues can suddenly cause men to lose confidence in their sexual performance, which is a major challenge for men everywhere. Erectile dysfunction is a major point of concern among men of many different age groups. If men want to understand more about these issues, they should research some basic information about the disorder. Though it disproportionately affects older men, it is capable of impacting the sexual health of men of all ages. This should be a point of concern for men who value the intimate relationship that they are having with their spouse.

Basic Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Medical issues are some of the most prominent causes of ED. ED may be co-morbid with a range of other types of health problems that men are facing. If men find that they are dealing with these problems, they should consult with a physician or other health professional. This will give men a better understanding of the difficulties that they have encountered in the past. Erectile dysfunction has been a significant source of problems for men who are trying to deal with other medical issues. Finding a solution to these problems can give men an idea of how to address them as well.

Stress can take a heavy toll on the lives of men. They will notice that they are drained of energy and find it much more difficult to deal with the problems in their lives. This can be compounded by some of the prominent erectile dysfunction issues that are associated with their health issues. If men want to identify solutions to these problems, they need to resolve the sources of stress in their lives. Men will discover that there are common problems associated with how they approach their health. Erectile Dysfunction has become one of the more challenging aspects of male enhancement techniques. If men can subdue the impact of stress on their lives, they will be making a major step towards reducing ED.

Men everywhere have noticed that psychological issues can be a major contributor to the issues associated with ED. ED can affect the lives of men who have been suddenly stricken with a range of mental health problems. If men want to resolve these issues, then they need to consult with a mental health professional. ED will be a significant point of concern for those men who are tasked with this challenge. They need to consider important solutions for the sexual health problems that they are facing.

How To Approach These Issues?

Should men find that they are dealing with erectile dysfunction, they do have some solutions. There are medications and therapies available that will help men adapt to these problems. Men will discover that there are a range of issues related to the core symptoms of ED. They need to find a solution that will help alleviate all of these issues at once. This will help them resolve their sexual health problems and find a common issue related to their disorder.

It may take some time to see whether these erectile dysfunction issues are easily controlled. ED will tend to affect men in different ways, so they need to be prepared. Support groups can give men confidence and a better understanding of how to deal with these issues. This will also help men adapt to the problems that they will encounter when they deal with erectile dysfunction. It can also function as a wellspring of ideas, since many men have adapted to these issues before now. For those men who are trying to deal with ED, receiving support from these groups will represent a major asset to them. This can restore their confidence in themselves and help them adapt to different types of issues.

Other Tips For Men With ED

Men should not be afraid to try out different types of approaches for the different solutions that they have. Erectile dysfunction can be resolved in a number of ways, but some approaches will be more successful than others. Each man will have a unique blend of physical, mental and psychological causes for the ED that they are facing. They can discuss these problems with a trained professional to get a better idea of how to address them. Men should understand that they need to first get a correct diagnosis for their ED before they can attempt to resolve it. But with this information available to them, they can find a solution readily available to them.


Latest Male Enhancement Techniques

The sexual revolution has been moving forward for decades, but somehow men are still catching up. Partly because most men are not well informed about their sexuality or their gender. A prime example is the way male sexual health is treated in society. For the most part, it is a hushed or little talked about issue. Men are still in the dark ages about many things realted to their sexuality, mostly because they don’t ask the right questions. Here is one of the biggest questions on every man’s mind today, even if they don’t want to ask it.

What is Male Enhancement?

For men who have problems achieving and sustaining an erection, male enhancement is the answer. The sex lives of men are being saved by using various types of male enhancement products. This is the new age of sexual freedom and men are back in the game. Even so, every market has it’s good and bad points. Which is exactly why, it is important to know about what you are buying. Because not all male enhancers are equally effective, so let the buyer beware. Especially when you see bold statements, like the following words illustrate…

Latest Male Enhancement Options Available in Market Today!!!

Lucky for sexually active men, there are a number of male enhancement options available online or at their local adult retailers. Since getting it up is important to men, there are many companies that focus in on this ever present niche market. The adult sex market has invented a variety of products, all claiming to be the cure for impotence, sexual performance problems and of course, erectile dysfunction or ED. Now let us take time to address some other questions that often are asked by men, concerning male enhancement and their sexual health.

Should We Use Pumps / Vacuums?

One of the earliest forms of sexual male enhancements were penis pumps. Pumps and vacuum devices are still around, but their effectiveness is problematic. Men who use such devices do achieve erections by blood flow that is forced within the pressurized environment. Unfortunately, such pressure is not recommended as a method of penis enhancement. Many men have unintentionally caused themselves harm by extending their penis too far. Ouch isn’t the half of it.

Should We Use Extenders?

Male enhancements have traditionally included devices to extend the penis. Although this idea maybe an attractive one to some men, penis enlargement do not guarantee anything permanent and can be harmful to the integrity the male member. If used excessively, such devices can lead to unpredictable results and may do irreparable harm to the genitals.

Should We Use Gel / Lotion / Creams?

The biggest disadvantage with gels, lotions and creams is their effectiveness isn’t consistent. Men who use lubricants regularly may start to loose some sensitivity sexually, or their arousal may become dependent on using lubrication, rather than getting aroused in more natural ways. Also men and women sometimes find such products give them allergic reactions, that must really suck. The products that are sold as gels, lotions or creams are meant for occasional use, or else they might become less effective.

Should We Use Patches?

If you are noticing a pattern, patches or time released products always have some inherent flaws. Mostly, it causes men to get used to the idea of always needing another dosage, so to speak. Male enhancment by a patch on your body isn’t the most realistic method of male enhancment, nor proven to be effective for the most part.

Should We Use Sex Pills?

If asked to describe the worst part of male enhancement for most men, can you guess what it is? In brief, it is waiting for some prescription sex pill to take effect and when it does, the effects can be unpredictable. Using pills for male enhancement has plenty of disadvantages, they are know more commonly as a long list of side effects. This is because most are just another pharmaceutical company pushing drugs, so that men will not question putting something unnatural in their bloodstream just to get an erection. If you think on it, sex pills like Viagra are actually causing unconscious psychological addiction among men worldwide.


The advantages of natural male enhancement pills are simple. Without major side effects, potential harm to your penis or paying expensive prices for unproven male enhancement products, it is still possible to get treatment for erectile dysfunction. Men everywhere are having sex, getting hard, making love and rocking the world’s of women right now. They are doing it with natural male enhancement products that can be purchased online or at their favorite local adult shop. This article has attempted to steer men clear from some of the less effective male sexual enhancers, in favor of more conventional and natural products. It is time for another sexual revolution, one that understands that men matter, they are sexual beings, some have sexual dysfunctions and nobody should have to feel bad about it. Now that is something that is hard to swallow.


Why Erectile Dysfunction Affecting Under Men Under 40′s

Erectile dysfunction (“ED”) is the inability to develop and maintain an erection and is commonly called “impotence.” The clinical guidelines for erectile dysfunction being a serious disorder, is when it lasts longer than 3 months. Researchers report that erectile dysfunction increases in men the older they become. At age 40, about 40% of men develop ED and the rate increases to about 70% as they near the age of 70. Erectile dysfunction affects 30 million men in the United States. ED can occur at any age, but the older a man gets, the greater the chance that he will have a health problem that results in ED. The National Institutes of Health reports, that approximately 5% of 40-year-old men and between 15 and 25% of 65-year-old men experience ED on a long-term basis.

New statistics are now reporting problems with men under 40 who are experience ED. Men aged 40 and over are associated with other common cause erections, like low testosterone levels, body mass index, hypertension, surgery and illnesses. However, the reasons why men younger than 40 are experiencing ED problems are sets of different issues than their father and grandfathers. Even though psychological factors like anxiety or depression do play a role in men under 40′s sexual problems, other factors like early porn, drugs, excessive smoking, bad dietary habits, and illnesses all form a basis for erectile dysfunction to affect 1 out of 4 men under 40′s. Erectile dysfunction in men under 40, use to be a rare occurrence, especially when there were no preexisting health issues. Young men are now suffering from ED at rates higher than what was previously indicated as normal. Young men who are seeking treatment for this and other sexual problems seems to be increasing in numbers. The use of male enhancement medications, like those advertised on TV, has increased by 312% among men aged 18-45, since the year of 2008.

Underlying Causes of ED In Young Men

Another factor that is causing great concern for men under age 40 who are experiencing ED, is enlisted military men. Young men under 40 in this category are not just suffering from ED, but they are being reported as experiencing severe erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, the overall rate of ED in military men is three times higher than the rate of ED in civilian males of same or similar age. The clinical study rate of ED in the 36 to 40 year age group is 10% more than civilian men. Whenever a medical condition is ruled out in libido meter of men by age, who are being treated for ED, the only other conditions associated with ED are bad lifestyle habits. Toxic habits do affect hormone balance levels and blood vessel flow which contributes to the penile area and causes ED. Other factors that bring about ED for young men under 40 are stress, neurological problems like depression, certain medications, metabolic conditions that blog blood vessels, and illnesses like diabetes.


For young men under 40, there are a number of physical or psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction, a majority of causes which are temporary. Treatment for erectile dysfunction has improved a great deal over the last 10 years. If a young man’s ED problem is related to health conditions, he can receive treatment so that his ED problem could go away. If medication is causing ED problems, then your doctor can start you on alternative medication. Simple, but permanent lifestyle changes also attribute to a young man beginning to function normally. Other treatments are available in the form of vacuum pumps; PDE-5 inhibitors; an injection or a small pellet of Alprostadil; hormone therapy; surgery due to injuries; sensate focus which is a type of sex therapy; psychosexual counselling which is a form of relationship therapy; pelvic floor exercises, and other types of complementary therapies, like acupuncture.


Erectile dysfunction in young men under 40, can have many causes, both psychological and physiological. Plus, it is a devastating topic, but you are not alone, there are millions of other young men who are also dealing with this issue. What’s so important, is that young men can be treated as identified above. Talking to urologists and other healthcare professionals is a solution that can lead to treatment options that are readily available. There are no more myths, which are surrounding the sexual health of men of all ages and there are no preconceived guesses about men and erectile dysfunction. Young men are asked to see their medical professional so that the correct cause can be identified and treatment.


Sexercise: Exercise to Improve Your Healthy Sex Life


Sexercise is the new buzzword in physical fitness and sexual health. It combines the best aspects of physical fitness and everybody’s favorite extracurricular sport, sex.

What is Sexercise?

Sexercise is the latest trend, both in exercise and modern medicine. Experts from various disciplines are promoting it lately. Here is just a sample of individuals and what they are saying about sexercise.

Physiotherapist Nicole Dyer says, “Sexual activity can help both your body and mind. Any enjoyable activity releases your body’s natural happy hormones, which can make you feel better and help alleviate stress.”

Personal trainer Mark Rayner explains, “Physical fitness can absolutely boost the physical & sexual health intensity and quality of sex, because it increases our hormone levels and increases our blood flow to our genitals. Best of all it will also decrease your stress levels, lowers body fat, and rejuvenates the body while boosting your confidence levels.”

Even exercise equipment entrepreneur Stephanie Taylor states publicly, “Exercise strengthens your pelvic floor muscles too. This means they’ll be tighter, thicker and more responsive, which means your love muscles will sit tighter around your partner’s penis, and will increase your sensation and, put simply, amplify and magnify both of your orgasms.”

These are all bright shining endorsements for sexercise, but look also at the recent medical research is giving their thumbs up to this idea. The University of California found that just one hour of exercise weekly, improved sexual functionality and increased the frequency of orgasms in middle aged men. A study from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health recently showed that having sex at least twice a week reduced heart attacks for males. Also a pair of studies found that women felt more attractive after a full season of daily exercise and had better circulatory blood flow after watching X-rated adult movies, a surprising set of stats for many women, but true.

All these are proof that modern sexercise is not just a fab or trend, but a real health benefits of sex for men and women today.

Sex Boosting Exercise Styles

Several styles of modern exercise will boost your sexual performance and can be fun for couples to do together, or individually.

Yoga is one of the best ways to improve your sex life. It is a low impact martial art, but also a physical discipline that incorporates stretching, muscle control and increases flexibility. Yoga also incorporates many standing and sitting positions that can be transferred to sexual activities.

Resistance training is a favorite among men. It is a form of exercise that builds muscles in the nether regions, increases testosterone levels and boosts personal self-confidence. Nothing compares for getting in touch with your super sexual masculinity

Pilates exercises is the workout choice for many women. The variety of exercises in modern Pilates workouts help build all the important muscles involved in sexual activity and orgasmic release for females. Pilates are great for toning up the pelvic muscles and increasing blood flow in the pelvic area of the body.

Taking up a style of dancing is a wonderful way to bond for couples. Ballroom dancing is the most versatile, especially if it incorporates tango and salsa styles. Some couples might also be interested in trying belly dancing, but this is for the more open minded men and women out there.

If nothing else, start walking together each day. Harvard studies found that men who walked daily were 30 percent less likely have erectile dysfunction problems. The regiment of walking with their partners gave time for bonding together, improved their cardiovascular health and overall blood flow to their genitals, plus it helps relationships find time to talk about emotional and personal problems in a positive environment.

Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

The fact is that exercise is good for your health, but also improves the quality of your sex life. Nothing else offers the same physical benefits for men and women like exercise, so it is a wise investment of your time that pays off in so many ways. Your lifestyle choices are part of everyday living. Taking on a daily exercise regiment will become easy, once you have been doing it for a few weeks or months. Try it this year and see for yourself.


10 Foods That Increase Sperm Count

Why Sperm Count is Important?

From several studies that have been conducted, research indicate that male infertility problems are as a result of a decline in sperm production. Very few sperms or none reaches the female ova during sexual reproduction. On the positive end, you can rectify the problem by simply changing your diet. Here are some of the food choices you can make which have been scientifically proven to boost sperm count and improve sexual health:

1. Oysters

If you are in quest to increase the size of your member, oysters are the way to go about. In a study conducted at Barry University in Miami, it was observed that these bivalve mollusks are rich in potent amino acids which boost production of testosterone hormones in males as well as progesterone hormones in females.

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2. Dark Chocolate

It’s not a mere coincidence that couples enjoy taking chocolate together on special occasions. Chocolate contains a powerful amino acid by the name L-Arginine HCL, which according to researches, enhances sperm and semen production. Additionally, this amino acid increases your sexual pleasure giving you strapping and intense orgasms. Avoid excess consumption of dark chocolate to put off the extra pounds that comes with it.

3. Maca

A study at a university among Peruvians observed that men who consumed about 2,000 grams of maca extract every day significantly increased their ejaculate volume. The study also learnt that the plant relatively improved motility of sperms. Other observations from the subject group involved were increased desire for sex.

4. Bananas

This peak and peel fruit can do to you better than you think. If you don’t want to avoid the embarrassment with your doctor discussing your infertility, ensure you incorporate banana in your daily meal plan. It is rich in an enzyme referred to as bromelain which enhances male libido and sex drive. It is also rich in vitamin B, essential for lasting longer in bed.

5. Asparagus

Rich in anti-oxidant effect, asparagus aids in the elimination of free radicals according to health experts. It contains vitamin C in large volumes which is renowned for cleansing and healing properties. Additionally, asparagus boosts sperm production and motility. However, if you frequently take asparagus, your urine contains much ammonia, though it is not a problem. Your concern is to increase the sperm count anyway.

6. Walnuts

Walnuts are rich in amino-3 fatty acids, which according to scientists increase sperm count and sex drive by signaling more blood to be pumped to your genitals. According to other studies in the U.S, consuming 7 walnuts a day can lower cholesterol levels thereby reducing the risks of heart disease. On top of this, walnuts are rich in antioxidant properties essential for sperm health and motility.

7. Pumpkin Seeds

Don’t put them into the trash bin again. Have them in your plate as well. They may be yucky, but they can boost your sperm count. In reference to a publication in the World Journal of Chemistry, pumpkins have protective compounds know as phytosterols. They aid in shrinking of an enlarged prostrate and hence improve sperm production and passage. Moreover, they are rich in fatty-3 amino acids which increase blood flow to your genitals.

8. Ginseng

Used from the ancient times, this traditional herbal remedy from Asia can help a great deal if you suffer from low sperm count. Consuming about 900 grams of ginseng a day will help you in getting an erection, increase your urge to have sex, and help you get erections firm enough for sex and stay long in bed. Although there is no adequate information on how ginseng works, it has been used successfully in the past.

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9. Garlic

If you can’t get your member up due to biological reasons, go for garlic. It has been heralded as a wonder drug when it comes to erectile dysfunction in men. It contains allicin, a compound which improves blood flow. Since a constant blood flow is essential for achieving and maintaining an erection, taking several cloves a day will ensure you reap well in bed. However, there is no much it can help if your condition is psychologically instigated.

10. Goji Berries

A handful of Goji berries a day will not only support your prostrate health, but will also improve your overall wellbeing. The fruits have high antioxidant properties essential for improving sexual functions as well as sperm motility. You can enjoy the fruit when raw, have it on a trail mix or while brewed in to tea and be sure of a continuous generation.


You may have been living with fears about your sex health and probably find it difficult to share with a professional. By simply making dietary changes, you will soon get back on track. Going natural is one way to be sure that no possible serious side effects can result. By simply making the right food choices, you will be almost certain that they will improve your sperm count and perk up male sexual health. Don’t get embarrassed if your condition doesn’t improve. Instead reach out for professional assistance if the need arises.

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