How To Have A Female Orgasm

Goes Deep Into The Big O Of Female Orgasm

An orgasm is a term used for psychological and emotional pleasure caused by sexual stimulation. Most women have two types of orgasms. These are known as Clitoral and Vaginal. Clitoral orgasms are most common in women. However, many women are unable to have a vaginal orgasm. In fact, there are many women who don’t have a female orgasm at all. At times, you may also have heard about women faking it. As strange as it may sound, it is true that many women fake an orgasm.

According to many studies and researches, there are times when women aren’t even sure about having an orgasm. Some women think they have an orgasm from time to time, but aren’t really sure about it. A female orgasm combining both clitoral and vaginal is known as a blended orgasm. Blended orgasms are very rare. They don’t happen often.

Basic Difference Between Both Orgasms

A clitoral orgasm occurs when the clitoris is well lubricated and massaged slowly. On the other hand, a vaginal orgasm is caused when some extra pressure is applied on the G-spot. Usually, this happens when the tip of a guy’s penis presses against the vagina. The G-spot is about two inches from the opening of the vagina. It is present on the anterior wall of a woman’s vagina. Clitoral and vaginal orgasms feel completely different to a woman. The main reason is that the major nerve connected to the G-spot is completely different from the one connected to the clitoris.

How Do Orgasms Occur

The basic reason for orgasms is similar in both men and women. Orgasms involve contractions of pelvic floor muscles. These muscles run between the legs in the form of a figure-eight shape around the anus and genitals. Due to erotic arousal, these muscles tend to experience continuous rapid, wavelike contractions. Usually, there are four to ten muscle contractions. There is a gap of less than one second between each. A set of continuous contractions is called an orgasm. Most orgasms are accompanied with involuntary movement of chest, hips, limbs or head.

In most women, muscle contractions during orgasms are visible in the form of contractions of vaginal opening and anal sphincter. Some women also release a certain fluid during an orgasm. This is known as a female ejaculation. The fluid is released from the glands which surround the urethra. Although most women release around a teaspoon of fluid, it may be more in some cases. You should understand that the fluid ejaculated during an orgasm is not urine. It is similar to prostatic fluid in men.

Most of the women only have one orgasm per interlude. However, some women may have multiple orgasms per interlude. But it is not clear how many women can have more than one rapid orgasms per interlude.

How To Have An Orgasm

Almost every woman is capable of having an orgasm. Some can even have multiple orgasms. A woman is only unable to have an orgasm because of a medical problem. Many women don’t know their bodies properly. As a result, they are unable to completely enjoy intercourse and have an orgasm. It is very important for a woman to understand her body. It is important to understand how your body reacts to intercourse. Many factors come into play if a woman wants to have an orgasm.

If you want to completely enjoy your sexual encounter, it is extremely important to free your mind from any sort of stress. If you have any stuff on your mind during sex, you will be unable to give your complete attention to pleasure. Thus, having an orgasm will be difficult.

According to most studies, if you have sex again within a period of two days, you are more emotionally and physically involved in your sexual encounter. The main reason is that your body stays warmed up physically and emotionally.

You should spend some time in learning more about your body. You should know what your body likes and what it does not like. In every sexual encounter, you should be completely comfortable. Some women are more self conscious. Thus, it tends to put a lot of strain on their pleasure. It is important to understand that a woman’s body is completely different from a man’s body. Thus, a woman needs some extra time to get aroused and have an orgasm.

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